Sunday, May 23, 2010

A (Satur)Day in Buffalo

Yesterday we went to Buffalo for a visit since we haven't been in about three weeks or so.

First stop was at my Dad's house. Avery loved his dog, Tasha!
She started by finding her nose:

Then she helped feed the dog some treats:

The dog kept smelling her and Avery would just laugh and open her mouth up really wide:

Then she had to pet her of course:

We had some pizza for lunch at my Dad's which was very good. Avery was getting tired so we headed to my Mom's house so she could nap. After her nap, it was play time! My Mom saved some of my old toys and now Avery gets to play with them! Yesterday my Mom busted out the good ol' xylophone (remember this thing?)-Avery wasn't too sure about it. She did try to play though which was so cute!

She of course loved chewing on the stick it came with though!

She found my Mom's stairs and showed us that she can already scale them....

The funny thing is that she doesn't put her knees down-she climbed all the way up using her hands and feet-it was pretty comical! She doesn't climb our stairs at home because they're really not in sight so I don't think she notices them or thinks of them that much. My in-laws say that she tries to climb theirs all of the time and at my Mom's she kept going back to them as well.

My Mom and Aunt made us a nice dinner and then shortly after we headed home. Avery slept part of the way but woke up when we had about 20mins left to go and she SCREAMED the rest of the way home. Even once we got home she screamed until I nursed her-and when I tried putting her down for bed, she started up again. It took awhile, but eventually she fell asleep. She was just so overtired (she didn't nap well) the poor thing!

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