Friday, May 7, 2010

My Decision is Made!

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about my gym membership ending. Well, once May 1st hit, Midtown was officially done and I was without a gym. I was deciding between two other gyms to join and finally made my decision.

Wednesday the paperwork was done and the joining fee paid....we are now memebers of ThePenfield Fitness and Racquet Club! Gabe and I both joined and are paying less per month than I did for just myself at that's a good thing! They have free daycare as well so maybe I'll get up the guts to actually take Avery to it so I can workout sometimes! It's a little further from our house, but not bad-maybe a 10minute drive or so. The facility is pretty nice (nothing will ever compare to Midtown) and the workers I have met so far are very nice. I took a trial class one day two weeks ago and it was good-it'll be an adjustment getting used to new instructors. But I'm looking forward to a new place to go! Yay!

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