Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eleven Months Old!

Today Avery turned 11 months old! It's hard to believe it's only one more month until her birthday-wow!

As far as her sleeping goes, most of this month she was up once a night still. She had about a week or so that she slept through, and that just ended the other day when tooth #3 decided to poke through. She's still napping twice a day for us-once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They range anywhere from 40min-2hrs long.

Avery tried a bunch of new foods this month! She tried canned pears, goldfish crackers, canned green beans, animal crackers, honeydew, cottage cheese (not a fan), chicken, pasta, corn, broccoli, green grapes, and mandarin oranges. The hard thing with her lately is that she's all about feeding herself. She wants nothing to do with using a utensil so anything eaten from a spoon has been a joke with her these days. But it's fun seeing her feed herself and chow down on foods!

She's still pulling up to stand on everything and cruising around on furniture. She'll try and let go every now and then but really has no interest in trying to walk when you hold her hands.

She's picking up the sign language which is so fun-it's great to be able to communicate with her somehow!

Her photos were tough to take again-all she wants to do is get off of the chair and go! But here's what we got:
Kissing the giraffe:

Hugging her bear:

Reaching for something:

Hugs (or strangling?):

Hugging her animals:

Ripping off the sticker (of course):

Oops-eyes closed!

And my favorites of the shoot:
She looks thrilled huh?!

Silly smile:

Finally a smile!

This is her new face that she makes when she laughs-I don't know if it's because her top teeth are coming through or what, but it just started this past week:

Happy 11months baby!

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