Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Day in Buffalo!

Yesterday we took a trip to Buffalo to celebrate my Mom and Aunt's birthdays! It was a very busy day as usual! First, we stopped at my Dad's house. Gabe was building them a new computer and he had it finished so we had to drop it off to them. Avery had fun playing on my Dad's keyboard:
And she was loving my Dad! She normally is very timid around him, but today she went right to him with no problems! Yay!
They also made us a yummy breakfast, which was very nice!

Then it was off to my Mom's house. Avery took a quick nap in the car so she was all ready for some action! And action she got! It was quite the busy household! She had some time with my Mom and Aunt before people started showing up.

Our first visitors are friends of mine whom I haven't seen in probably 20 years! Our parents grew up together so we played a lot as kids. We somehow drifted apart when we were probably around 10 years old. Our Moms kept in touch on and off over the years, but got closer as time passed. I found out the oldest daughter, Joelle, was expecting her first baby (a girl) a week after I was expecting Avery! Needless to say, we never found the time to get the girls together before this weekend. So, here they are almost 2 years old now and we finally got to have them meet and we finally got reacquainted with each other as well!

This is Joelle's daugther, Samantha: (she was born a week after Avery)

Avery and Samantha giving each other hugs:
The two girls sitting together:
I think they had a lot of fun together. I've been hearing about "meanda" (Avery's way of saying Samantha) since the weekend! We'll have to get them together again soon!!

While they were there, my friend Renee and her Mom also stopped over. I haven't seen Renee since Christmas so it was nice catching up with them as well!

Just as they were all leaving, Megan and Noah pulled up for a visit. The kids haven't seen each other in awhile. Meg and I have gotten together without them, but it was time for the kids to play together again! And let me tell you, Noah looks like a grown up boy now! It's amazing how fast they change!

Here is Avery and Noah playing:

Avery and Noah playing with cars:
Shortly after Megan and Noah left, we headed home. It was a very nice visit today-we really enjoyed seeing everyone!!

And Happy early Birthday to Mom and Aunt Pat!!

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