Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First (Half) Day

On Monday, Avery had her first day at her new daycare!

It worked out that I only worked in the morning, so she was only there for a half day. I thought that would be perfect for her first day, then she would go a full day on Tuesday.

When I picked her up, she was just finishing lunch, but was happy to see me! Gabe said she did great when he dropped her off (no tears-yay!). The teacher said she was very smiley all day and did a lot of exploring of the place. She did some painting, some dancing, read some stories and of course played with baby dolls!

I was glad she had a good first day and was excited for her to have a full day on Tuesday.

But....yesterday came and Avery woke up sick. Gabe decided to keep her home, so no more daycare for the week (she'll only go on Mon and Tues each week). Today was my day off and she is still under the weather. I'm hoping it passes soon.

But, we are looking forward to her having a regular week at her new daycare next week! I'll post more then to let you know how the transition goes!

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