Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Land is Your Land....

This land is my (our) land....

Today we really had nothing planned, besides my usual workout at the gym on Saturday morning. After Avery's nap, we decided to go look at our land!

It's hard to believe if all goes well, our house will be sitting on this piece of land in a few short months!

The builder actually has the house staked out on the property. It's very hard to see in the photos though-they're little wooden stakes that outline the house (not the big white things you can see really well). Looking towards our neighbor's house:

Looking towards the main road (we have a corner lot):

The sign they have up!

We were hoping to walk around the area a little bit to get some roof and siding color ideas. We put Avery in the stroller, but after a few houses, it was just too cold out to be walking around. So we got back in the car and drove around a little bit to take a look at some houses.

Then we decided to head to the mall to walk around and grab some dinner.

Avery is obsessed with the fountains there so we had to pay them a visit.

A nice pic of Avery and Gabe:

Avery walking around the fountain:

Avery and Gabe at the fountain:

At dinner, Avery was imitating how I was was so funny!

After dinner, we headed home and put the little one to bed! I followed shortly after....

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