Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Amelia!

Yesterday was another busy day for us!

We went to my in-laws' for breakfast with a bunch of the aunts and cousins, which was very nice! It was great catching up with everyone!

From there, we had a birthday party to go to at The Little Gym for Avery's friend Amelia!

Here are the pretty cupcakes they had: The kids had about an hour in the gym area. They gave them free time, then would do an activity, then more free time, etc. for the full hour. Avery had.a.blast!

She loved carrying the balls around:

Her friend Josie:

Avery walked up to this thing and threw her leg around it, stripper style! It was so funny!

Avery wanted to do what Josie was doing:

One of the activities was blowing up this huge air mattress type of thing and letting the kids run/bounce from one end to the other. Avery was afraid of it at first, so both of us went bouncing down it together. Then she was hooked and couldn't get enough of it!

Avery and I bouncing on the mattress thing:

Avery going down it:
Chasing another ball:

Avery and Josie giving hugs!
After the hour in the gym, we went to the eating area and it was time for cupcakes and juice! Here's the birthday girl waiting for her cupcake!

Singing "Happy Birthday":

Blowing out the candle:
We let Avery go to town on the cupcake...and of course she loved it!

Happy 2nd Birthday Amelia! We had so much fun at your party!!

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