Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twenty-One Months!

Over the weekend, Avery turned twenty-one months old! It's hard to believe that in just 3 short months, she'll be 2 years old! Crazy!!

She's still a pretty decent eater. Some days are better than others. She has some meals where she just eats and eats and then is hungry an hour later. And she has meals where she barely eats a thing. It seems to be all over the place lately!

Her sleeping is a little better these days-typically around 11 hours overnight and a decent nap in the afternoon. She still has some nights where it's hard to get her to fall asleep-she'll play in her crib for an hour or so and then finally pass out. I don't know what makes her get like that some nights, but it's frustrating!

She's still in size 3 diapers for day and 4's for overnight. She's in 12/18 month clothes still!

Avery's newest thing is going to her new daycare!! She started on Feb 28th, so just after she turned 20 months old. So far it's going really well for her. We had a rough two weeks at drop off in the morning-she had some melt downs and didn't want Daddy to leave her. But this week she did great-no tears and ran away from him as soon as her jacket came off! I know when I go to pick her up, she doesn't want to come home! So I know she's having fun and she "talks" about all of her friends there constantly! I think she's learning a lot there too and we get a lot of great artwork sent home!

She is getting really well at counting now! She has counted up to 13 all by herself now! She has also spelled her name all by herself too!

She also has started singing a lot! If we sing a song and stop while singing it, she'll fill in the blanks! It's really cute! And she LOVES "The Wheels on the Bus"! She sings it all by herself and even her new daycare commented that she was singing it there the other day! She has also acted out the movements to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"!

I haven't been keeping up with her new words-she just says so many now that it's hard to remember which ones are new and which ones aren't! She does say "I love you" now (although it comes out more like "Yaoh!" but it's so cute! She has said it maybe once without me asking her to first. And she has given both Gabe and I hugs and kisses without us asking which is so adorable!

Here are her new pics!

I told her to make a silly face:
My favorites... Giving kisses:
Reaching for the stars:
And a smile!
Another smile!

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