Saturday, March 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions....

I figure it's about time for a home building update.

As of today, we've met with the builder three times to go over our floor plans for the house.

He first came over around 4 weeks ago to review a few things with us and gave us a few things that we had to make a decision about before he met with the architect. Things like: where to put the egress window for the basement, our master bathroom layout, the kitchen layout, and if we wanted to move the fireplace to accomodate putting in built-in shelves on either side of it.

Lucky for us, our builder went on vacation the day after meeting with us, so it gave us a week to figure things out.

We met with him a second time after his vacation and gave him our answers on things. Then he gave us a few other things to think about and we came up with some things for him to talk to the architect about at their meeting.

Today the builder came back over....he met with the architect during the week and had some answers for us on a few things. He gave us 5 different layouts for our bathroom that we have to decide on (or we can come up with our own). I think we got the kitchen layout figured out pretty well. We decided where to put the egress window as well. Our other decision we have to make deals with our windows. It's hard to explain, but since we're doing a 10ft ceiling on the first floor, we have to decide if we want to move the windows up a bit (but that means not being able to reach the top of them) or add in some smaller windows above them (more money for us). He is meeting with the architect again on Thursday this week so we have to decide on a bathroom and the windows by then.

Overall I think the meetings have gone very well. I will say that I never realized how much goes into building a house. Every time he comes here, he asks us about things I would never consider. Some of it is trivial, and some of it is pretty big. It's just amazing to me how much really goes into it. I knew we would have to pick out things for the house, but not to this extent! I guess I thought that once you had a floor plan, there wasn't much to do with it....I guess I was wrong!

So the plan is that he'll be breaking ground on April 15th....which is later than we thought, but there were a few factors that lead to that.

Anyways, want to see our plan??

Here it is!

The master bath and kitchen layout will be different though.

What do you think??

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