Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today we drove to Buffalo for my cousin's surprise birthday party!

We had a really nice time-there were a lot of people there that we haven't seen in a long time so it was great catching up with everyone.

Before the birthday girl arrived, we just hung out and I snapped a few pics...

The bday cake:

Little Miss Avery in her party dress:

Gabe holding little Giada, who made the trip up from Florida!

Aunt Pat and Avery:

And she was surprised!! The secret was kept!

Cousin Taylor and Avery (Avery loved playing with her!):

Blowing out the candles:
My Mom ("Nama") and Avery:

Avery loved the birthday cake!

Taylor and Avery again:

Avery with a party hat on:

Giada, Avery, and I:
Avery was cracking me up with the bathroom. They had 2 single stall bathrooms so the main door locked. When people went in, she wanted to go in there with them! So she would crouch down and try to look under the door:

It was so funny!
The party was very nice-lots of good food and good company. After the party, we went to my Mom's for a few hours, then made the trip back home. It was a nice visit!

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