Friday, March 11, 2011


I realized the other day that I've been a total slacker....

....on taking photos of Avery.

I looked at my camera and the last picture I took was about two weeks ago! (insert shame on me here!)

So, I had to pick up my camera and grab a few shots of her.

Here she is eating a snack: And sharing some with Jerri:
She got on a kick of trying to sit in her baby's was so funny! Of course I have no idea what the weight limit is on the thing so I just keep hoping that it doesn't collapse under her! And once she was sitting, she wanted to be pushed around in it!

Today she went to use her horse, which she hasn't used (with the TV) in awhile. And go figure, the batteries were dead. So we busted out the screwdriver to take a look at them and Avery was all about helping out! She kept saying "fix it!" and would think she was doing something with the screwdriver! It was so cute!

Sorry I've been slacking in the photo department.....I promise I'll get on the ball with that!

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