Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dreaded Appt.

You might remember a year ago, Avery had to have eye surgery done to open up a blocked tear duct.

Typically with these surgeries, they put a probe in the tear duct to open it and that's it. Well, her doctor adds in another step to it....along with probing it, he also puts a tube down the tear duct that stays there for a year. Apparently just probing it doesn't always work and a high percentage of kids have to have a second procedure done after that. With inserting the tube, the chance of another procedure is very small.

So since last September, we've been going for check ups on her eye every 2-3 months. They're not fun appointments because the doctor really has to pry her eye open to see if the tube is still in place. You can imagine what a treat that is for all involved!

Well at her last appointment a few months back, they told me they would be removing it at her next follow up. So the check up was today and I had Gabe meet me there as well (he hasn't been coming to the other ones because they're very quick). I was nervous because the doctor had said that if they couldn't get the tube out in the office, she'd have to go back to the surgery center and get "put under" again to have it removed. That was the last thing I wanted to go through again!

We got there and they took us back to a room. The technician asked us a few things then she actually gave Avery an eye exam which was pretty cool! Avery did well-I think she was about 20/25 which the tech said is normal at her age (20/25-20/40 is normal for them). Then she gave Avery a numbing drop before she left-which was fun!

Avery sat with Gabe when the doctor came in and he did a few checks then was ready to remove the tube. He tried it first with just Gabe holding her, but she kept turning her head around so I got recruited to hold her head still. And within a few seconds, he had it out!! And I was shocked at how long it was-a couple of inches for sure!

So the good news is that we don't have to go back again unless she has any symptoms that make us think it's still clogged....crossing our fingers that all is clear!

Of course Avery got treated to lunch at Wendy's on the way home for being such a big girl! She did great and we were so proud of her!

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