Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meeting Baby John

On Sunday, we met some of Gabe's friends who we haven't seen in a few months. They had a baby boy, John, back on June 1st so we were dying to meet him!

We met them at one of the new Anchor Bars here in Rochester and sadly it was very dead. If you know the real Anchor Bar in Buffalo, the place is always packed!

But the food was good and the company even better so no complaints!

And here's the little guy-baby John! He's about 2 months old now!

Gabe holding John (I'm sure he'll love me for this pic!)
Avery did very well with him. She was very curious as to what he was doing but really didn't get "grabby" with him. She gave him a kiss on his foot:

and when we left, she kissed his hand. So sweet! I think someone will make a great big sister!

And I have to say that this child packed away the food at dinner. She had a fruit cup, half of the mac n cheese we got, some chips, 2 chicken wings, and pretty much this entire slice of pizza:

It was a good meal for her! We had a really nice time and hope to see little John (and parents) again soon-they grow so big so fast!

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