Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Owen!

Our nephew's birthday was earlier this week and yesterday we went to his party to celebrate!

They had it at one of those indoor bounce house places and we were anxious to see how Avery would be.

When we first got there it was very crowded and loud. Avery was a bit overwhelmed I think (she had just woken up from her nap) and was clinging to us for awhile. I finally got her to go into and empty bouce house by herself and she started to have a lot of fun.

While she was in there, the kids from the party gathered around and used one of those parachute things: They put Owen in the middle:

Avery finally got brave and went to a bigger bounce house that was a slide. Here she is climbing the stairs:

Sitting at the top:

And her and Bianca coming down:

Avery went down the slide a few times, then something happened and she sort of freaked out and cried. After that, she wouldn't go near the slides again!

She was however, obsessed with a balloon and a few balls she found there and was playing with them a lot!

The kids played about an hour then they rounded them all up for a group photo:

and marched them down to a party room. There they had pizza, saw some magic tricks and then it was time for cupcakes!

Singing to Owen:

the cupcake tower:

After cake they did gifts and then the party was technically over. With the party, the kids got admission for as long as the place was open. We stuck around because Avery was dying to bounce some more. Owen and his family stuck around as well as a few other kids from the party. It was interesting that they had no workers supervising the bounce houses. Adults are not supposed to go in them, but pretty much all of them tried out at least one slide! I couldn't of course, which bummed me out.

But here's my husband, the big kid going down the huge slide:

Happy 7th Birthday Owen!!

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