Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Yesterday we went to Julie and Richie's house for Brayden's first birthday party!

Avery sported a new dress and I somehow got pigtails in her hair too (she hates ponytails lately for some reason, but aren't they cute?!). When we pulled up, we saw quite the surprise in the backyard-a bounce house!

Avery was a chicken all day-she didn't go in the bounce house at all and had no desire to go swimming in the pool. What's wrong with this girl?! Maybe next year....

Here's Brayden's cake:

Avery running around outside at the party:

Avery was just having fun playing with Carly's toys. She really didn't want to be outside much and was very content to play with stuff inside on her own. At one point she got herself all gussied up in jewels!

After we ate (a yummy cookout), it was time for cake! Brayden patiently waited.... And big sister Carly joined him (they really look alike here!):

Starting to to sing:

Brayden was loving it when we sang to him! Look at this face!

He was such a happy boy and was eating up the attention from everyone! It was so cute!

And he did a good job on his cake too!

Happy Birthday Brayden! Thanks for having us share your special day!

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