Friday, August 12, 2011

House Pics

Seriously, I haven't been to the new house in probably close to a month! Ok, maybe not a month, but a good 3 weeks I'm guessing. My Mom came out on Wednesday night and stayed until today, so last night we decided to take her there and show her the place!

The builder was on vacation all of last week, so nothing got done then. And really, the stuff they have been doing is hard to take pictues of....heat ducts, electrical, plumbing. So when we went, I was surprised that not much looked different to me.

The house is now wrapped in Tyvek. I think they're starting to side it maybe next week! That'll be exciting! We also now have basement stairs which is nice-no more ladder climbing!
Our garage has a concrete floor now!
And our basement has a floor too!
Those are the big updates that you can take pictures of!

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