Monday, August 15, 2011


Yesterday, Gabe had his company picnic at Seabreeze! Last year the weather wasn't great (and according to that, the year before wasn't either!) so we were hoping for a nice day this time around. Once again, we weren't so lucky. I guess we have a 3 year track record going now!

The park opened at 11am so we got there shortly after. We wanted to get in as much time as we could before the rain came.

We took Avery to the kiddie rides and she really wasn't interested in going on them. I finally said "Avery, do you want to drive a car?" and she said "YES!" So I got her in the car and hoped that when I walked away she didn't freak out....and she didn't!

So, here is Avery on her first ride all by herself:

And yes, I totally had one of those "my baby girl is growing up" moments and had a tear in my eye.

After the cars, she wanted to ride the horses, so off to the carousel we went. I took her on first, then Gabe took her a second time.

None of my pics turned out real great from it though:

After the carousel, our Brother-in-law and our niece and nephew showed up. So we went and met them and Owen really wanted to go on the log ride. Gabe, Mark and Owen went on while I stayed with Avery and Bianca. Here they are coming down the big hill:

And them right after coming down:

After the log ride, we headed to the shelter for lunch and Gabe's parents met us there too. We all got our bellies full then it was off for more rides!

I was hoping with Owen and Bianca there that Avery would go on rides with them. At first she didn't want to, so Owen and Bianca went on the planes together while we watched:

When they got off, Avery really wanted to go on! So we got her on there with Bianca. Here she is waving to us as Gabe buckled her in:

And here they are flying around!

As soon as the ride stopped, Avery cried "more! More!" so she went on again!

Then all 3 of them went on the boats together:

After the boats, Avery wanted to do the cars again....go around #2:

And go around #3 with Bianca this time!

After that, Owen wanted to go on the log ride again, so Avery, Bianca, Gabe Sr. and I stuck around the kiddie rides. We got Avery to go on the turtle's sort of a mini roller coaster. And look at that smile:

Well, the smile didn't last long. After about 6 times around, she burst into tears. The last 2 times around she was crying. Who knows what set her off, but she wasn't too happy about it!

Once everyone joined us again, Gabe took Avery on the teacups:

Yet another ride she wasn't thrilled with. She didn't cry, but looked terrified the whole time and once they got off, she was pretty whiny about it. Oh well, at least she tried it!

After the teacups and the carousel a few more times, we decided to head to the water park. Well, as soon as we got there, they started kicking everyone out due to a storm that was heading towards us. So we went back to the shelter and timed it perfectly-the rain really came down! We all had another snack (or two) to eat-ice cream, popsicles, candy and lounged around for about an hour. Can you tell that Avery enjoyed a nice blue popsicle?

After an hour, it was still raining pretty good out so we all decided to head out. We watched Owen go on the bumper cars, then we took Avery on the carousel one last time before leaving. The good news? We got a rain check on our way out! So we get to go again before the summer is over! Yay!

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