Monday, August 1, 2011

Visiting Nama

On Saturday, Avery and I went to Buffalo for a visit.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Gabe had to stay home because we got a call on Friday that someone wanted to see our house! So he had to be here to let them in and had some prep work to do in the morning. We definitely missed him though as this is our 3rd trip in a row without him!

We arrived around noon and Avery had lunch shortly after. My Mom bought her some cherries which she loved! Can you tell by her face? We attempted to have her take a nap, which didn't work so while my Mom was lying down with her, I made a Target run.

When I got back, we headed to Isleview to enjoy the beautiful weather by the water! We have never taken Avery there so I thought she'd enjoy it! Here's my Mom and Avery when we first got there:

Megan and Noah met us as well and we all went to Mississippi Mudd's for some ice cream! This is the first time Avery had an actual ice cream cone and she went to town! Of course she's a rather slow eater so it was melting faster than she can eat it! My Mom had to jump in and help her out a bit!


After ice cream, the kids wanted to check out the water and see the boats going by! Avery kept saying she wanted to go in the water-which for her is a shock!

After we left there, we went back to my Mom's house and had a nice dinner. Then it was time for Avery and I to head home. And she did like she did in the old days-conked out for an hour in the car and passed right back out when we got was so nice!

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